Castleman Consulting

What do we do?

Castleman Consulting is an academic and career consulting firm that specializes in guiding members of the Millennial Generation toward career fulfillment. We help college students and young adults reflect on their strengths, discover careers that will leverage their talents, and then secure positions that are engaging and meaningful.

Through 1-on-1 video conferencing, Castleman Consulting offers comprehensive, individual, and hourly services. Depending on a client’s needs, these services might include: resume and cover letter creation, interview prep, networking guidance, industry and career landscape overviews, or LinkedIn profile creation. You can book a free 30 minute phone consultation here to connect and learn more. In-depth management consulting prep is also available for highly focused students who wish to land competitive positions with top consulting firms.

We also believe in giving back – that’s why 5% of all Castleman Consulting revenue is donated to Breakthrough Collaborative – a local non-profit that launches high potential, low income middle schools students on the path to college.

Why do we Exist?

Our generation is in a crisis of dissatisfaction – a 2010 study found that 64% of workers under 25 are unhappy in their jobs.

The modern job landscape is vastly different from the one faced by our parents in their early 20s. Gone are the benevolent corporations that would hire you, train you, and retain you until retirement 40 years later. Today’s successful young professionals must place a premium on building valuable skills along a career journey that will likely include a variety of different stops. We must be our own career advocate.

castleThe Millennial Generation is different from those that came before us. We’re more collaborative, more technologically savvy, and more adept at multi-tasking. But we also have led very structured early lives, with activities and academics laid out clearly before us. This was helpful in getting the best grades and SAT scores, but has left many 20-somethings feeling lost as they struggle with more ambiguous decisions such as what college major to choose or what career to pursue.

These decisions are made doubly difficult by the current trend toward ‘finding your passion.’ Bloggers and book authors encourage young adults to go after their dreams but offer little in the way of concrete steps to help you get there. This desire to find one’s passion can, at times, be paralyzing; Millennials are often so afraid of moving in the wrong direction that they may go years without fully committing to a career.

Castleman Consulting is here to help you find the academic and career direction you seek – so you can get on with your life. Together, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, what you like to do and what you don’t like to do, and together, we’ll turn this information into a personal brand, a meaningful skill set, and a path forward.

Life is short. Do something meaningful. Do something you enjoy. But most of all…get up, get moving, and do something. Castleman Consulting will help you get started. The rest is up to you.